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Hey, there! I'm Nellamor King. My passion for photography began the first time I held my parents' film camera. From that moment on, it bloomed into decades of developing my style, craft and artistry. My experience as an Army wife, a mom, and an artist grants me a unique vision and prepares me to give your story the care and attention it deserves. So let's memorialize the magic of life with emotion-filled lifestyle photography.

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I believe that family is the core foundation of life. My family inspires me every day to continue to create and dream bigger. My wife and I met when I interviewed her to photograph for my then online soccer magazine. She has been so supportive of my photography business from the moment we met. My daughter is my driving force. It's important to me to show our daughter that your wildest dreams are achievable with hard work, a standard that was instilled in me by my mom and dad. I am who I am today because of my parents, and I am so grateful. I am beyond blessed to have them as my example for life. I take them in my heart everywhere I go. My experiences influence and elevate my photography to tell your and your family's story better.  

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Emotion-filled lifestyle photography authentically captures the magic in everyday life. I'm thankful our military journey has brought our family back to the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland area for good. This is where I am from, where I met my wife, started our family, and started my business all those years ago. I'm honored to photograph these moments for your family to cherish for generations. 

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While most people call me Nell, the name Nellamor was born of love and devotion. On my parent's first date, they came across a beautiful doll in a shop. The doll was named "Nella" and became the first of many gifts my father would give my mom. While my mom was delivering me in the hospital room, things went awry and they almost lost me. My father was encouraged to name their newborn daughter. He combined the doll's name, "Nella" with the Spanish word “amor,” meaning "love," and named me "Nellamor." Naming my company "Nellamor" connects my heritage, passion for photography & film and the first love I have ever known— that between my parents, which was the spark in my life and career. 

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Some things are only properly understood when they are part of your lived experience. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community and raising a racially diverse family, I know the challenges and rewards inherent in our unique lives, no matter what they may be. I've never met anyone that didn't deserve to have their story beautifully told and captured.

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Sunflowers remind me of my mom and my grandmother and their unwavering support. Flowers have always meant so much to my mom because of her mother, and they have become a symbol of love and faith for me. My entire family has wholeheartedly supported my passions and career from the moment I started my creative journey. My drive comes from my mom, but my destiny is mine to shape. Sunflowers remind me to give my daughter the same lifetime gift and to inspire her to follow her dreams, whatever they may be. 

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My career has spanned many industries over the past two-plus decades. In addition to the countless families I’ve had the honor of photographing in the DMV area (Washington, D.C. Northern Virginia and Maryland), I have photographed for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and notable individuals like President Obama, Prince Felipe VI of Spain, Jimmy Smitts, Wilmer Balderrama, Attorneys General Janet Reno and Eric Holder and several sitting senators and congresspeople. Photographing the US Women's National Team has been one my most motivating assignments.

I also served as the photography editor for the military newspaper, The Pentagram, at Fort Myer, VA. With this experience, I’ve had the privilege of photographing Chiefs of Staff and US Army Generals Martin Dempsey, Raymond Odierno and Mark Milley.

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My love for photography started early on but only blossomed with the help of an incredible teacher. Now, I'll be honest; I wasn't a fantastic photographer at first. I had a lot to learn. But I understood how powerful it is. I was lucky enough to have an extraordinary woman as my junior year English teacher, Mrs. Dawn Moulen. As it turns out, she was also the yearbook advisor. She knew me and my shy nature and pushed me to branch out and try new things. She encouraged me to develop my skills and supported my talent. In fact, in my senior year of high school, I joined the yearbook staff as a photographer. That is how my love for documentary photography started.

Mrs. Moulen left such an impression on me. She was THAT teacher that made a difference in her students. Unfortunately, we lost touch over time. Thankfully social media reconnected us in 2018. She learned that I started my photography business in 2005 and I found out that she had beaten cancer once, but that it had recently come back. At the end of our conversation, she said we should catch up after her treatment, but that time never came. She passed due to breast cancer in the spring of 2019. To be honest, there is a part of me that just won't heal from that ever. She was one of the best.

Mrs. Moulen was a remarkable teacher who changed my life. When I graduated from high school, she gifted me with a photograph by Ansel Adams, a master landscape photographer. It's priceless to me. No matter where I've been in my career and where the Army sends us, that photo always hangs above my desk to remind me that she believed in me. The possibilities are endless when someone believes in you.

She wrote in my yearbook that she had picked me to mentor because she wanted to surround herself with good people. I hope I'm making her proud.

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